Living at Le Dune is more than a life choice

Life at Le Dune is a journey towards health
and wellbeing, assisted by the very best
healthcare services and a dedicated network
of qualified health professionals:
embrace the best self care for
you and your loved ones.

Dedicated Healthcare assistance

To fully enjoy your Le Dune experience we offer you 360° premium healthcare coverage in partnership with Gruppo Synergo, the regional leader in private healthcare: 

  • yearly check-ups for you and your loved ones
  • a team of experts to guide your every step towards a healthier lifestyle
  • free personalized health insurance for the first 3 years
  • guaranteed immediate access to the best doctors and diagnostics services in the Region

Healthy body, peaceful mind:
our check-up
for you and
your loved ones

A tailored check-up program starts with understanding the individual needs: each life season calls for specific preventive care. 

Gruppo Synergo, the regional leader in private and public healthcare, offers you a personalized check-up program in 4 steps:

  • Your Personal Doctor will design your check-up program according to your needs;
  • Your Personal Care Manager will guide you through examinations, diagnostic tests, specialist visits, and specific medical procedures;
  • Your Personal Doctor, together with qualified Specialists and your personal Care Manager, will offer you a final report based on the high-precision Diagnostic Services to illustrate the results of the check-ups and explain the recommended path in detail
  • Your Care Manager and Personal Doctor will consult Nutrition and Movement Specialists to offer you the best prevention path, personalized advice to improve your lifestyle daily, and the assistance of a team dedicated to ensuring your well-being

Our partners:
Gruppo Synergo
and AON Insurance

Gruppo Synergo

Between tradition and innovation: we care, since 1927. 

Since 1927, Gruppo Synergo has been the regional leader in private and public healthcare. Reference point of Central Italy for Oncological, Thoracic, Orthopedic, Vascular and Ophthalmic Surgery, the group is present in Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. Thanks to its pioneering surgical experience, Gruppo Synergo deals with the most complex cases of each medical discipline, with a state-of-the-art Surgical Cardiology service and a modern healthcare facility dedicated to pulmonological, cardiological, neurological, and orthopedic rehabilitation.

AON Insurance

With AON Assicurazioni we left nothing to change: we offer you a 3-year personalized insurance policy with guaranteed immediate access to Gruppo Synergo’s health facilities, or any other AON affiliated facility.